About Us - If we are just in Marketing Consulting or Advising, we can never create or produce best client solutions, If we are only in Designing or producing the Technology solutions, we can never assist our clients with their marketing strategies to create a success. It requires both and that’s what we do. Creating the Brand with solid marketing is what YOU-WE does.

Understanding the business, analysing it for best possible improvements and implementing the new strategies to make sure you do not miss out on new technologies or do well to outpace your competitors. Team at YOU-WE can help you to improve your business performance to over 250% in 12 months period with right strategies, growth plan and actions.

Brand is not only about a Logo but it’s all about a story which people want to hear in every day of their life. True brand sells the dreams but not products. Brand is to make product a name to think what other products are. Colgate is a BRAND of Toothpaste but more people ask for Colgate over calling it a toothpaste product. Uniqueness and Creativity is the New BRAND.

When you have Brand, you have to meet the expectation of the designing associated with it. We at YOU-WE breath Designs from print, press to digital. Key behind strong design is to communicate a message. Many brands fails in this area to pass on a strong message to its clients. We drink and live this every day to make sure we do not less our clients down when it matters most.

Every Company needs marketing platforms to sell their products or services but what if everyone has the same tools or platforms to access ? High chances that your product or service may not get enough voice in the crowd. At YOU-WE, we take enough time and make enough efforts to do background search, product surveys, Target audience, competition on each product to decide the market cap to target on. We focus on that target audience with centre of it being our main aim.

YOU-WE has inhouse team of designers and developers to make sure we work with clients closely to achieve the best outcome.Team of developers work with clients and designers from start to deliver the best experience for our client but not just final website, app or just any functions. Our Designers and Developers are mostly based in Australia so they can judge your requirements faster and effectively.

Team at YOU-WE just not focus on Digital Developments and Marketing but we can also assist you with custom made Network solutions. Our CISCO Trained Network Admins can look after your network with No Worries 24X7 and 365 days a year. No matter where you are in Australia, we can assist you with your networking. We will fly in our network professionals if required.

Our Passionate team of Creative brand experts, Designers, Developers bring in lots of talent, energy and multiculturalism to every client and every project we take on.


Tejas Patel

Creative Director & Founder



Seb Roldan

Sr. Developer

Web Development


Kapil Dhiman

Web Developer



Manish Shah

Sr Designer



Janet Bacani

Business Analyst

Technology Development


Bach Nguyen

Marketing Specialist

Digital & Offline Campaigns


Qing Lin

Marketing Specialist – Jnr


You-We brings in your imagination to life and let others know about your unique services or products.

Careers - Are you ready to put in your blood in some crazy ideas to make the difference in world of marketing and branding? Do you want to fight a war against those poor Marketing ideas and non attractive designs ? Are you a Geek who can program the programmes for hours and hours We want to hear from you

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  • Software Developer (Graduate Position)
  • Marketing Specialist (Graduate Position)
  • Network Administrator (1 Year of More Experience)
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